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At the heart of my creative projects is a desire to connect with and inspire others. Through my journey as a performer and my commitment to mental health advocacy, I hope to continue creating work that brings people together. Stay tuned for more updates on my latest projects.

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Tea With TJ Podcast Guest

Nurturing Creativity and finding your Artistic Identity 

In the vibrant tapestry of content creation, carving out a niche becomes a journey unto itself, one that Justin and I have both embraced with fervor. I open up about my foray into producing original content, driven by a desire to wield the reins over my creative and financial destiny, inspired by the likes of KevOnStage and Tabitha Brown. We exchange thoughts on the liberating platforms like TikTok that have turned the tide for storytellers and creators, empowering economic self-reliance and a reshaping of our narratives. There's a special moment where we touch on the aspiration to see our work heal and uplift, especially within the black community, and the celebration of a multifaceted career that defies the traditional.

Tea With TJ Podcast Guest

Embracing Authenticity: A Pilgrimage to Self-Discovery

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Join us on this journey where authenticity is not just a buzzword, but a pilgrimage into the heart of who we are. My conversation with the indomitable Justin G. Nelson peels back the layers on finding your true self and the power of embracing every facet of your talents. Together, we tackle the tough decisions—like establishing boundaries and knowing when to walk away from relationships that no longer serve our growth. This episode isn't just talk; it's about taking the solitary steps toward shedding the weights that hold us back and celebrating the unique individuals we are destined to be.


The Black Hand Side Podcast

Wholeness Over Hustle

Justin G. Nelson is a successful Multi-hyphenated performer, small business owner, and creative in New York City. When he's not on stage or auditioning, he's running his brand agency, Nelson Design Lab, or blogging about plant-based nutrition with his brand Earthy and Cultured. He is the co-host of the Second Pew podcast and is launching his personal podcast, And This Just In, in the spring of 2024. He is an advocate for all things mental health. His life's motto is the best is yet to come. 

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