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Justin G. Nelson

Areas of Passion

Justin is a micro-influencer through his brand Earthy and Cultured, where he shares information and content about the plant-based and vegan food industry, wellness, and other spiritual practices!

Justin's business, Nelson Design Lab, focuses on branding, marketing, social media, and web design that aids in the growth of visibility for all markets! He gets the job done, from tips and tricks to professional results!

Justin's love for performance started as early as age eight! Now, he's a proud AEA member residing in New York City, grinding it out in both the stage and film industry! 

What Makes Justin a Multi-Hyphenate?

When Justin is not in the audition room or on stage, he works to grow and expand his passions through his brands! His love for marketing, wellness, spirituality, and men's fashion all make up his brand as a multi-hyphenate!

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Meet Justin

Justin is a triple threat performer. He was recently seen in Long Wharf Theater's concert reading of Jelly's Last Jam. In 2020, Justin launched Nelson Design Lab, a branding and marketing agency specializing in branding strategy, email marketing, social media, and more! Justin also has a passion for content creation. You can find other projects and videos on his various platforms: Earthy and Cultured and Second Pew Podcast with Ebone Amos.

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